Residential, Commercial, Industrial Buildings, Highways, Airports, Infrastructure Projects


NAVCON PMC has been established by a construction industry professional having over 30 years of experience in project management in India and abroad.

He has worked in India and abroad on large construction projects with companies like J&P (Overseas) Ltd., M.B.L. Organization, Cegelec, Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd., HACP Ltd (of Birla Group) and other reputed construction companies where he has worked in close coordination with leading international consulting engineering and construction management firms like Bechtel International, John. R. Harris Associates, Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Partners, CRS Associates (U.S.A.), Gibb Petermuller& Partners and Sir William Halcrow & Partners.

He has worked on a variety of building and civil engineering projects like residential townships, commercial & industrial buildings, airports, highways, metro and infrastructure projects.

He personally handles each assignment from beginning to end bringing in vast experience and expertise to the assignment on hand. He personally interacts with top management/CEO/ project-level management at all stages of the assignment and nothing is delegated. He prefers to build an in-house team in the client company to assist him so that the client personnel are trained and developed which ensures best results on the assignment.

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