Residential, Commercial, Industrial Buildings, Highways, Airports, Infrastructure Projects
About Us
NAVCON PMC offers independent individualised construction project management consultancy services to the top management / CEO’s / project-level management of companies executing construction projects.

The main aim of NAVCON PMC is to assist the management in planning and controlling the projects effectively so as to avoid time and cost over runs. NAVCON PMC works closely and seamlessly with the client organisation in handling single or multiple projects for their successful execution as per targets set.

NAVCON PMC’s services can be utilised by construction contractors, builders & developers, industrial companies, infrastructure companies and any other type of company which has to handle a construction project.

NAVCON PMC also offers related services which enable clients to optimise time and cost, effect savings, avoid potential pitfalls and solve problems which arise in construction project execution.

NAVCON PMC has bases in Chennai and Bangalore and is currently offering services in South India.

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